The customer care team you’ve been wanting, only better.

Customer Experience Services

“Customer Experience” can be defined as the perception of your company through the sum of all interactions – more importantly, the Emotional Experience your customers encounter as it relates to every interaction. At Auxillium, our focus is on building an energized contact center environment that creates a stronger connection to your brand and maximizes customer loyalty and commitment. Your customers deserve timely, compassionate, accurate support and a resolution to their needs with a positive, personal touch.

Center of Excellence Consulting

Many companies find it difficult to identify the proper path to true Customer Engagement. After performing a thorough analysis of your existing environment, Auxillium – with more than 75 years of combined experience – will help define the relationship you want to have with your customers, and then deliver an optimized and exacting solution for your specific needs, and then help you implement each of the recommendations in your own call center environment.

Technical Support

Adding a personalized level of care to your Technical Support needs will create a deeper relationship with your customers and increase loyalty to your brand. Auxillium’s exceptional Technical Support solution will transcend established First Call Resolution targets, which translates to increased Customer Satisfaction and retention, while at the same time bringing into existence true Brand Advocates. At Auxillium, we think outside the box to provide a solution that is tailored to your company’s values and fundamental business needs.

Customized CX Solutions

Customer Experience (CX) is influenced by the sum of all interactions between a customer and an organization throughout the business relationship. Your customer’s overall experience should be integrated in a way that regardless of the reason for their interaction, it is at all times rooted in a true understanding of Customer Emotion. At Auxillium, there is no size limit or minimum required to provide engaging expertise to your Customer Experience solution, and we can help turn your focus to Customer Emotion.

Diagnose Your Needs