Auxillium Looks to Reinvent Call Centers

Auxillium Looks to Reinvent Call Centers

DENVER, CO: Business Process Outsourcing has experienced dramatic change over the years. Call Center and Back Office services provider, Auxillium, is changing the traditional delivery model by focusing on clients whose needs are smaller in scale, such as WISP Providers and after hours programs. With the recent merger and acquisition binge by larger and midsize BPO’s, it is increasingly difficult for companies to find a partner who can support smaller projects – and that’s where Auxillium comes in.

The name Auxillium, which means “to help or aid” (it can also mean “the antidote or remedy”), is new to the industry, but the company is not. The BPO service provider was founded by its parent company, Project Resources Group, more than twelve years ago under the name “BOSS” (Business Optimization Support Services) and has successfully deployed a variety of solutions for its clients including Technical Support, Customer Care, Sales & Lead Generation, Back Office, Data Entry, Social Media Management and more. To give the company more focus and flexibility specific to serving our clients, we have decided to rebrand to “Auxillium”.

Auxillium has created a unique environment called our “Specialized Group”, that can effectively support projects as small as 5 to 10 FTE, and after hours that resolve the subscriber’s issue – not just an answering service. Our Specialized Group utilizes a structured PEER coaching process and several techniques developed by our staff that ensure exceptional performance even at a smaller scale. In addition, this unique environment allows our management structure to be more lean, which empowers us to offer a very competitive rate – regardless of project size.

Our Specialized Group can also be used as a transformational test bed, whereby we take a small portion of your overall project and focus squarely on Customer Experience through the lens of Customer Emotion. We then add value via process improvement that can be applied to the larger project scope – dramatically improving your CX environment at a much larger scale.

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