Randy Arellano

Randy Arellano has spent more than thirty-five years in the Financial Services, Insurance, and Call Center/BPO Outsourcing industries combined. The first ten years of his professional career were focused on the Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services industry by guiding a midwestern insurance company to market expansion through personal sales and eventually, as manager of a sales team.

Over the past twenty-five years Randy has helped many of the largest companies in the Call Center/BPO Outsourcing industry develop new business units, build new service offerings, and expand into new markets by leading and directing sales teams to a high level of success. While most of his time has been spent focused on Sales & Marketing, or leading high performing sales teams, Randy also has functional experience in all aspects of Operations Management, P&L Management, and Compliance.

Throughout his career Randy has done business in more than fourteen countries giving him extensive experience across a wide range of global geographies and a variety of cultures. In addition, Randy has created business solutions for some of the world’s leading brands in a variety of industry verticals including Technology, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, and more.

Randy graduated from Bellevue University with distinction and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Global & International Business Management. He currently lives in the Denver area with his wife, and his three sons are now grown and building their own careers.